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MAESTRO S is a descender designed for technical rescue operations. It facilitates the handling of heavy loads, both downhill and hoisting, and can be used both as a main system or as a back-up. This versatility allows rescuers to adapt to all configurations that may be encountered at the intervention site. The ergonomic handle and the integrated brake allow you to comfortably control the descent. The passage from the lowering position to the hoisting position is immediate, without having to take up the load again. The integrated progress capture pulley, with very large diameter sheave on sealed ball bearings, ensures excellent hoisting performance. The AUTO-LOCK system automatically locks the rope when the handle is not in use. Once blocked, the rope can be taken up without having to manipulate the handle. The MAESTRO S descender is compatible with ropes from 10.5 to 11.5 mm and can handle loads up to 250 kg.


  • Material(s): aluminium, stainless steel, polyamide
  • Weight: 1100g
  • Min. rope diameter: 10.5 mm
  • Max rope diameter: 11.5 mm
  • Sheave type: faceted on sealed ball bearing
  • Maximum working load: 250 kg (more information in the technical manual and in the technical advice on
  • Breaking load: 18 kN x 2 = 36 kN
  • Yield: 86%
  • Certifications: CE EN 12841 type C, EN 341, NFPA 1983 Technical Use, EAC