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CONTROL 12.5mm

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The CONTROL 12.5 mm semi-static rope is intended for pruning. The large diameter ensures high resistance and excellent grip. EverFlex technology guarantees great flexibility and maneuverability over time. It is delivered with a splice at one end for optimum passage of the rope in false fork or pulley type devices and in the forks of the tree. The compactness of this splice allows it to be passed through the locking chain of ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusiks. Rope available in two colors and three lengths.

  • Diameter: 12.5mm
  • Material(s): polyester
  • Certification(s): CE EN 1891 type A, ANSI Z133
  • Weight per meter: 115 g
  • Resistance with a figure eight knot: 15 kN
  • Strength with splice: 19 kN
  • Impact force (factor 0.3): 5.2 kN
  • Number of falls factor 1: 8
  • Construction: 24 spindles
  • Sheath percentage: 62%
  • Static elongation: 3.1%